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Decker & Nason Motorsports Never Give Up at Oktoberfest

Natalie Decker’s Octoberfest weekend at La Crosse Speedway did not go as the 19-year-old driver hoped.  The Eagle River, WI driver brought home a top-10 finish in the Stubby Feature Friday night and failed to qualify for the Oktoberfest 200 on Sunday.

“Oktoberfest was not what we had hoped for in the final results, but the upside of the weekend was that the new Nason Motorsports Super Late Model was where it needed to be on the last day in the last chance race for the ARCA Midwest Tour,” Decker said.  “Nason Motorsports built a brand new car with a Pathfinder chassis for Oktoberfest and they showed up with a beautiful car for me to drive.  We struggled to find the right set up all weekend but Nason Motorsports crew, along with Brian Back, Kyle Wolosek and Mike Beyer, never gave up and conquered the struggle on the last day with having the fastest car out on the track for the last chance race.”

Decker Partners with Nason Motorsports for Octoberfest

Natalie Decker has entered a partnership with Nason Motorsports that will allow her to compete during Oktoberfest race weekend at La Crosse Speedway.  The Eagle River, Wisconsin driver looks forward to competing in the fall spectacle with her new team in October.
“Nason Motorsports offered their new Pathfinder for me to drive at Oktoberfest and we were fortunate enough to have a partner step forward once again to make it happen,” said Decker.  “The partner’s name will be riding on the hood of the new hot rod at Fest. He has supported me for many big races like the World Series of Asphalt and Governors Cup in New Smyrna, FL.  Nason Motorsports is a first class operation and I am so excited to work with their team.”

Decker Becoming Stronger Driver with New Race Team

Natalie Decker brought home a 12th-place finish in penultimate race of the 2016 season at State Park Speedway last Thursday night.


Despite grabbing a few wins earlier in the year, the midseason transition from racing the No. 04 car to racing the No. 36 the past few weeks has been a challenging task.
“We are still trying to find the issue with the 36 car on why the handling changes abruptly after it runs and handles pretty good for about 10 laps,” Decker said.  “It feels like something is wrong with the rear end so this week we will be doing some testing, hopefully Brian Back will find the answer.  Brian has been great to work with and is really smart with the car along with his racing experience so I have faith we will get it fixed for our last race at State Park this Thursday.”

Changes Have Decker Back on Track & Focused for 2016 Season

The last two weeks for Natalie Decker have been anything but easy and left her 2016 season hanging in limbo.  After a 13th-place finish in the ARCA Midwest Tour event at Wisconsin International Raceway on Tuesday, August 2, Decker and her long-time crew chief and car owner parted ways, leaving the Eagle River, Wisconsin driver without a car and crew for the remainder of the 2016 season.


Decker missed two races on her schedule, but then got a plan put together to race State Park Speedway (WI) on Thursday, August 11, where she is the current Super Late Model point leader.
“Ben Martinson called when he heard we needed a car to race,” said Decker.  “Ben’s No. 36 car has been sitting in the shop for two years and wasn’t race ready, but Brian Back and Ben offered to put it together in less than 24 hours so I could race at State Park Speedway.  It is so amazing how race families come together to help each other out in times of need.”


Despite an up and down day, Decker put together a 10th-place finish at the Wausau, Wisconsin track in her new ride.  The 19-year-old driver will continue to pilot the No. 36 machine for the remainder of the year at State Park Speedway.

“We made it to the track just in time for the final practice session and the car was fourth fastest right out of the trailer,” said Decker.  “As the night went on we had rear end issues and the 36 car was not handling well.  Kyle Wolosek came to help Brian Back crew the car and they both will be finishing out the season with me at SPS in the 36 car.  I am so thankful for their commitment and we all work together really well.  It’s fun having Brian and Kyle to work with, they are both past race drivers and we can relate on the handling of the car.”


During the change, Decker also missed her first ARCA Midwest Tour event of the year.  Now she hopes to make the remainder of those races while setting her sights on a State Park Speedway championship.

“We are trying to get into a car for the remainder of the ARCA Midwest Tour races.  We would really like to finish out the season with Midwest Tour, it is a great series with a lot of talent,” said Decker.  “We are focusing on getting the 36 car to run at the front of the pack at SPS.  I love a challenge and this change will only make me a better driver and stronger person.”