Decker & Nason Motorsports Never Give Up at Oktoberfest

Natalie Decker’s Octoberfest weekend at La Crosse Speedway did not go as the 19-year-old driver hoped.  The Eagle River, WI driver brought home a top-10 finish in the Stubby Feature Friday night and failed to qualify for the Oktoberfest 200 on Sunday.

“Oktoberfest was not what we had hoped for in the final results, but the upside of the weekend was that the new Nason Motorsports Super Late Model was where it needed to be on the last day in the last chance race for the ARCA Midwest Tour,” Decker said.  “Nason Motorsports built a brand new car with a Pathfinder chassis for Oktoberfest and they showed up with a beautiful car for me to drive.  We struggled to find the right set up all weekend but Nason Motorsports crew, along with Brian Back, Kyle Wolosek and Mike Beyer, never gave up and conquered the struggle on the last day with having the fastest car out on the track for the last chance race.”


Decker is optimistic about climbing back in the car this weekend for the 2nd Annual Falloween event, a 150-lap Super Late Model race, this Sunday at Dells Raceway Park (WI).



“I am really excited to get back in the new Nason Motorsports No. 04 car again and hopefully we can start where we left off at the Oktoberfest last chance race,” said Decker.  “I put down a pretty good lap time and the car was handling good.”

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