Decker Partners with Nason Motorsports for Octoberfest

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Natalie Decker has entered a partnership with Nason Motorsports that will allow her to compete during Oktoberfest race weekend at La Crosse Speedway.  The Eagle River, Wisconsin driver looks forward to competing in the fall spectacle with her new team in October.
“Nason Motorsports offered their new Pathfinder for me to drive at Oktoberfest and we were fortunate enough to have a partner step forward once again to make it happen,” said Decker.  “The partner’s name will be riding on the hood of the new hot rod at Fest. He has supported me for many big races like the World Series of Asphalt and Governors Cup in New Smyrna, FL.  Nason Motorsports is a first class operation and I am so excited to work with their team.”

The partner would like to remain anonymous until race time, but has been a long-time Decker Racing supporter.


The 19-year-old driver hopes to make the most of Oktoberfest race weekend and compete in the Future Feature Thursday, the Dick Trickle 99 on Friday and the ARCA Midwest Tour season finale on Saturday and Sunday. While a final decision hasn’t been made on exactly what races she will enter, there is still plenty of work to be done before she climbs behind the wheel in four weeks.


“Austin Nason along with his team have been very busy in the shop preparing the car,” said Decker.  “I will be spending some time at Nason Motorsports to get fitted in the car.  Being only five foot one it tends to be challenging to get me fitted where I can reach the pedals and see over the dash.”


Decker has competed at Octoberfest the past two seasons with a top finish of seventh last year in the ARCA Midwest Tour event.  Even though she will be piloting a new ride, the expectations are still high.
“The two Super Late Models I have raced for the past couple years have been Victory Circle cars and built by Chris Wimmer and they have been great cars with many wins,” said Decker.  “I am looking forward to jumping into a Pathfinder and am ready to learn in a new chassis.  I have been continuously working on this season- qualify into the race and keep learning.  The ultimate goal obviously is to bring home the win.”

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